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Accueil > Blog > 5 benefits of the Mediterranean Diet
5 benefits of the Mediterranean Diet
mai 23, 2017
The mediterranean diet is considered as one of the most complete and healthy diets in the world, as it is based on local ingredients cultivated in the mediterranean climate: vegetables, legumes, fruits, wine (with moderation), fish and white meats. The carbohydrates come mainly from pasta andrice, while the consumption of red meats, eggs and butter is limited, which is substituted by the star product of the mediterranean diet: olive oil.
© Photo by Smabs Sputzer

¿Would you like to know which are the benefits of the famous mediterranean diet? Here you will find them:
© Photo by Moyan Brenn

    1. Takes care of your heart: olive oil, due to its oleic acid content, vegetable fats, carotenes and vitamin E, reduces the risk of clots in the arteries and helps keep your heart healthy.

    2. Improve your intestinal transit: the fiber that comes from cereals, legumes and vegetables has a beneficial effect on intestinal transit and contributes to balance the calories of your diet.

    3. Reduces cholesterol: Blue fish, nuts, and olive oil help reduce cholesterol levels.

    4. Prevents degenerative diseases: Nutritionists point out that the Mediterranean diet improves life expectancy and quality for their natural contribution of nutrients, as well as helping to prevent degenerative diseases.

    5. It is also healthy for the environment: according to a recent study, if food consumption in Spain returned to the patterns of the Mediterranean diet, greenhouse gas emissions associated with food production, would fall a 72%.

Did you know that the Mediterranean diet could bring you so many positive things? To improve your benefits even more, don't forget to do some exercise. Perform 30 minutes of moderate exercise (walking, running, swimming or cycling), that will increase the benefits of this diet and help you feel better ;)