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Accueil > Blog > Massages with essential oils in our Beauty & Relax cabin
Massages with essential oils in our Beauty & Relax cabin
juillet 22, 2019

Essential oils are the perfect complement for a relaxing massage. They have many health-benefiting properties, and at our cabin Beauty&Relax at Sumus Hotel Monteplaya we offer you this kind of massages with a variety of high-qualitye oils to help you achive the maximum relax during your holidays.

Unlike the vegetal oil, as for example olive oil, the essential oils are very concentrated substances and with a non-oily texture, that is used in very small amounts mixed into other vegetal oils like almond or coconut.

They are as ancient as the first civilizations: the egiptians already were using those oils with cosmetic, medicinal or religious purposes. It is also known that Hipocrates treated his patients with essential oils. In the last years we have seen an increase of use of those precious materials for the popularization of yoga or meditation practices, but they have been used widely for the last thousands of years.  

Do you want to discover which types of essential oils do we have available for your relaxing massage? Here we explain you the benefits of each one of them, so you can choose which one suits better your needs, or the effect that you want to achieve with your massage. They are also combinable between them, what allows our therapist to personalize even more your experience: 



Lavender essential oil has traditionally been used as a natural sedative to help with sleep and stress problems. It is usually very useful in cases of headaches or migraines, to make a gentle head massage with this oil can contribute to mitigate the pain. 


Tea tree essential oil has antiseptic and antibiotic properties. It is usually used in anti-acne treatments, as natural deodorant and also for sensitive skin or dermatitis. 


Lemon essential oil has skin repairing and healing properties, so it is especially indicated for the treatment of different skin problems.  


Rosemary essential oil has soothing properties, is one of the most used oils in aromatherapy and is especially helpful in relieving back pain. It is also indicated for circulation problems, and for its energizing action is used as a concentration enhancer and to help reduce mental fatigue.


Sandalwood essential oil is one of the favorites of the yogis, both for its properties and for its comforting and vigorous fragrance. It softens the skin and strengthens the hair, and in small amounts it can also be added to formulas to moisturize dry skin. 


Chamomile essential oil is a good ally for athletes, and is ideal for massage use after a sporting activity for its anti-inflammatory properties. We'll also be right if we use it to soothe skin irritations, or for tummy scrubs if we have stomach problems.


Calendula essential oil is one of the best friends of your skin: Greeks and Egyptians already used it, and is especially indicated as a facial cleanser and helps to have healthier skin, regenerating collagen and its soothing effect is ideal for relieving burns caused by the sun.  


Sweet orange essential oil helps balancing the nervous system and helps  to cope with stress and anxiety states. It also has soothing properties and helps you fall asleep.


Cinnamon essential oil is ideal as a facial exfoliator, anti-stress, serves to relieve muscular pain, sprains, rheumatism and arthritis. 


Treat yourself and enjoy a relaxing massage with essential oils to make your holiday perfect. Our dedicated staff will be happy to recommend which combination of oils is the best depending on your needs.