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Содержание > Blog > 5 tips to save space in your suitcase
5 tips to save space in your suitcase
Май 31, 2016

When the dates of our holiday are approaching, we start to get excited, but it is not that thrilling when we think in packing our luggage... Below we give you some easy tricks by the hand of to optimize the space available in your suitcase and to help you avoid to forget to pack anything essential.

  1. Save space rolling up your clothes, this way you will also avoid  wrinkles

  2. Roll the belts  inside the shirt's neck, so they don't lose their shape

  3. Roll the socks in pairs and store them inside the shoes. Then put the shoes inside of a dusk bag so your clothes don't get dirty.

  4. You can avoid the liquids to pour out during the journey if you simply put a little bit of film paper at the opening of each bottle, this way even if a bottle opens in the middle of the trip, the rest of the content of the suitcase wouldn't be spotted. Also, you can distribute the bottles in the empty spaces of the suitcase, and optimize it even more.

  5. If you're going to take with you a light jacket or a blazer, fold it inside out, put one of the rolled t-shirts in one of the shoulders space and then roll the jacket, this way you'l avoid wrinkles and it will mantain its shape.

Quite easy, right? ;) How do you usually do your suitcase? Let us know!