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Содержание > Blog > ¡La música para tus vacaciones en Spotify!
¡La música para tus vacaciones en Spotify!
Август 28, 2017

Holidays are about what you see, what you experience, what you feel... and what can connect with your feelings and improve your mood better than anything else? Yes, that's right, the music! ;) That's why we have created  our Spotify channel, where you will find 5 different playlists for your holidays (or for remembering them when you are back home). Just click on the image of each playlist cover to open it on Spotify:

The music for your zen moments:

The perfect soundtrack for a romantic night:

Acoustic covers to chill out with a nice cocktail:

Move your body with the best latin beats:

The essential hits of the synthesizer's decade:

We hope that you like them and enjoy them!