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Who we are

We are a family-run business with over 50 years’ experience in the hospitality sector fully committed to service quality and to the passion and determination to progress day by day in order to be able to satisfy our customers’ expectations. We encourage you to come to enjoy, taste, feel and relax with us.

Looking at the future without losing the essence of our beginnings
Our Philosophy

Following the work and the efforts of three generations of hoteliers, the long-lasting values of responsibility and service quality are emphasised. WE are a human team with a common aim: the happiness of our guests.

The best way to take care of you Our Values

To us you are much more than a guest. Improving our services, processes and facilities to continue outdoing ourselves day by day is our main motivation. Carefully listening to our customers' needs is the best way to reach our aim. 

Closeness and Professionalism

Hospitality, warmth and friendliness. We count on a great team of professionals who year after year have become a family and will make you feel at home.


Our business is firmly committed to touristic, social and environmental sustainability. We have obtained the adhesion to the BIOSPHERE certification.  


We consider teamworking is key to succeed. We establish and maintain close and friendly work environment, promoting communication and in-service training. 

Our Hotels Open their Doors for the First Time

Hotel Monteplaya in 1962 and Hotel Stella in 1963 both opened as little hosting establishments of markedly Mediterranean character, intended to be used to lodge guests coming from all countries in a period when the tourism industry was starting to take off on the Catalan coast. 

Our Hotels Open their Doors for the First Time
Our Hotels Open their Doors for the First Time
The Expansions of the Hotels

In view of the boom of tourism in our area in the seventies, the hotel building and its facilities were broadened, and more floors and rooms were added to the hotels.

The Expansions of the Hotels
The Expansions of the Hotels