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"A Banda" Rice Recipe
June 08, 2016

Today we sneak in Sumus Hotel Monteplaya kitchen, where our Chef, Juan, shows us how to cook the traditional "A Banda" Rice.  


INGREDIENTS (For 4 persons)

150gr minced cuttlefish

150gr unshelled big prawns

300gr bomb rice

550ml fish broth*

30gr "salmoreta" sauce**

1gr colourant

2gr salt

Fresh parsley

*We use homemade broth of fresh seafood, but if it's easier for you, you can also use prepared fish / seafood broth

**To do the Salmorreta sauce, you will need an onion, a red pepper, 2 garlics, 1 tomato, a couple of small spicy or jalapeño peppers and safron. We fried those minced ingredients in olive oil,  and once cooked, we blend them to obtain the sauce. 

By one side, we're going to warm up the fish broth and pre-heat the oven at 190º. Othersides, we put olive oil in the pan, and when its hot we add the cuttlefish.

In one side of the pan, we add the tomato, and over it the salmorrete sauce, so it doesn't get burn. We stir it and then add the rice and saffron, stir again to mix all the ingredients.

Next we will add the fish broth and the big prawns, and let it cook for 5 minutes.

Then we put the pan in the oven at 190º for 8 minutes. 

Once the time is over, we put again the pan in the fire, and we add a little bit more of broth, this will make that the rice takes up the fish taste even more.

Then we let it settle for a couple of minutes, add the minced parsil, and will be ready to serve!

Would you like to give it a try? Let us know what do you think! :)