Carrer de les Puntaires, 1
08397 Pineda de Mar
T: (+34) 93 767 14 52
F: (+34) 93 767 06 96
Passeig Marítim, 52
08380 Malgrat de Mar
T: (+34) 93 765 40 78
F: (+34) 93 765 44 29
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Costa Barcelona: a mediterranean paradise
July 12, 2017
At Sumus Hotels Group we work to provide the highest quality services to our guests, however, there is something that is not in our hands... our hotels wonderful locations!



Every guest that steps into our Sumus Hotels Monteplaya and Stella & Spa becomes a fan of Pineda de Mar and Malgrat de Mar privileged locations in the Barcelona - Maresme Coast, a continuation of the catalan Costa Brava. With a map in hand, we see their first advantadge: they are near to each other and both have excellent connections with the airports, Barcelona, and the medieval city of Girona, that has a Jewish quarter, Arab baths, excellent restaurants, charming bridges and boulevards... although it's worth visiting all around the year, the city looks especially beautiful in May, thanks to the "Temps de Flors" event.



Walking or cycling lovers will find a 12km. promenade from Malgrat de Mar to Calella by both hotels. The Ancients fell in love with this land: we can still find Can Cua's Roman Aqueduct in Pineda de Mar; get to the Castle's Park in Malgrat de Mar by walking or enjoying vaste views from an old tower we reach by a small funicular. On sunny days, you can visit the botanical garden of Pinya de Rosa hill in Blanes, where we find one of the most beautiful landscaped gardens in Europe: Mar i Murtra Botanical Garden with spectacular cliffs and more than 3.000 plant species. Let's get lost  in some peaceful beaches and enjoy traditions that still hide in the corners of these old fishing towns.


Art is present in the area too. Canet de Mar streets might be an outstanding example of it. Just ask at the Tourist Office or venture throught the historical centre streets on your own, you will be able to admire buildings that are part of the Art Noveau European Route. And do not forget to walk through the main streets of  Calella, Pineda de Mar and Malgrat de Mar  to go for some shopping! You will enjoy finding the most cool and modern shops as well as some other stores with more htan two centuries of history. At our reception desks we will be more than happy to provide you further information and give you personalized tips  and recommendations for you to make  the most of your holidays!