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Crema Catalana Recipe
June 06, 2016

Sure you have heard about the famous Crema Catalana, and if you have stayed with us or have been in Catalonia, probably you have already tasted it ;) Making this delicious dessert is much easier than you think. In the video below, our Chef at Sumus Hotel Stella & Spa, shows us how can we make it at home:



1 liter milk 6 egg yolks 250gr of sugar 40gr of cornflour A piece of lemon peel A piece of orange peel Half cinnamon stick Vainilla's essence


In a large pot, put the liter of milk, add sugar and stir it immediately, so it doesn't stick. Then add the lemon and orange peels, half cinnamon stick and a touch of vanilla essence (with very little is enough). Again stir the mixture and take it out of the fire when it begins to boil

Meanwhile, separate the 6 eggs yolks, add 40 g of cornstarch and wisk them until they have a homogenous texture.

Add a little bit of the milk that we have previously heated and beat it until it is unified before adding the rest.

Now again put the mixture in the stove, and stir until it has a creamy texture, but don't let it boil again! Once you've got it,  you can serve it in small bowls, we recommend you use small clay pots  if you want to use the traditional presentation.  Leave to cool in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Once they are cold, sprinkle each cream with sugar. It is important that you burn it as soon as possible so that it does not sink in the cream and we get the desired effect.

We have used a professional burner, but if you don't have any, you can also burn the sugar with a small blowtorch (easy to find at hardware stores) or a homemade but effective solution: heat in a stove a slotted spoon until it has sufficient temperature and press over the cream as if it was a burner.

It is much easier than you thought, right? We encourage you to try the recipe at home and let us know the results ;)