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How do I order my favorite coffee on my holidays?
February 09, 2023

When you are on vacation and travel to another country, one of the first things you ask for when you arrive is neither more nor less than a good coffee. That is why, in this article, we explain the most consumed types of coffee and what you can order in the bars of our hotels.

1) Espresso/Black Coffee (Café Solo)

Coffee infused in a small portion of water for maximum flavor. It is served in a small cup. In addition, in summer you will find many people who ask for coffee only with ice. This is served with a separate glass with ice into which the contents of the cup are poured.

2) Coffee with milk /White Coffee (Café con leche)

This coffee is prepared with milk and must equal or even increase the proportions with the coffee. That is, between 50%-75% milk and 50%-25% coffee to the top of the cup. Normally the milk should be at the same temperature as the hot coffee, but it is possible to use the milk in other degrees (natural or cold). It is usually served in a large cup, but you can order it in a glass in many places.

3) American Coffee (Café Americano)

This type is made with the same amount used to make black or espresso coffee and 2 parts of hot water are also added to double the amount and soften the strong flavor when diluted in water. It is served in a large cup.

4) Café Carajillo

The base of this type of coffee is a dose of black coffee to which a dash of liquor is added, usually brandy. However, the carajillo can be made with other liquors such as whiskey, rum, aniseed or Baileys. It is served in a small glass. The proportion is 80% coffee and 20% liquor. In addition, in Catalonia a variation of this called "triphasic coffee" is typical. The same procedure for carajillo coffee is used, but milk is also added. The proportion is 50% coffee, 40% milk and 10% liquor.

5) Café Cortado

This type of coffee is very common after a good lunch or dinner. This coffee is generally made with an amount equivalent to 60% coffee and 40% milk. It is usually served in a small container, either a glass or a cup, the same size as black coffee. The milk can be hot or seasonal.

6) Irish Coffee (Café Irlandés)

This type of original Irish coffee has been gaining presence in other countries. This coffee (also mentioned cocktail) consists of a mixture of Irish whiskey, a spoonful of brown sugar, a cup of coffee and finally covered by two centimeters of heavy cream or semi-whipped cream. It is served in a glass or large glass. In addition, a straw is usually added to be able to enjoy this drink more easily without getting dirty with cream.