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Roses & Books: The tradition of Sant Jordi
April 23, 2017
On April 23rd we celebrate the Diada de Sant Jordi (Saint George's Day), patron saint of Catalonia. It is a very special day for the catalans and a very charming occasion that atracts locals and tourists to the streets for the espectacular atmosphere. In any catalan town, you will find street markets where books and roses are sold.


© Picture by Nairuaa



It is tradition that the gentlemen give a rose to the ladies, but it is also a gift that here you give to all your loved people (family, friends and even work colleagues). This tradition began on the XV century, when the Roses Exhibition took place in Barcelona. The ladies that assisted on 23rd April to the  mass in Saint George's Chapel at the Generalitat Palace, were gifted with a rose. Actually, the red rose (a symbol of passion) is adorned with the traditional senyera (the catalan flag) and a wheat sprig (symbol of fertility). Es costumbre que el hombre le regale una rosa a su amada, pero también es un obsequio que se da a todos los seres queridos (familiares, amigos y compañeros).


© Picture by Francesc Serrano



In 1929 the UNESCO declared 23rd April as the World Book Day, so it is common to find book markets and book signings in the streets. The meeting of those two events, has made that Sant Jordi's Day becomes a Valentine's Day in the catalan way, in which roses and books are exchanged with your loved ones. Also is a very significant day for the catalan people, that has become a reivindication day of their culture and national identity, so it is very common to see the shops and the house's balconies adorned with the catalan flag.  


© Picture by Francesc Serrano



If you are staying in our hotels on a 23rd April, don't miss the chance to walk through the beautiful  Sant Jordi street markets in this special day. You can find them in Pineda de Mar city center if you are at Sumus Hotel Stella & Spa, or at the promenade and city center in Malgrat de Mar if you are staying at Sumus Hotel Monteplaya.  It is also a great day to make an excursion to Barcelona, where you will live this very special atmosphere in the whole city. You can't miss the Ramblas in Sant Jordi's day!